(10-1862) JR 211 series-5600+313 series-2600 Tokaido Main Line ※Equipped with a new slotless motor

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Item Code: KATO 10-1862

Package volume : 900


ItemNumber 10-1862
JR 211 series-5600+313 series-2600 Tokaido Main Line
3Cars Set (with motor) + 3Cars Set (with motor)
6Cars Set

●-The 211 series 5000 and 5600 series, which support commuter and suburban transport on the Tokaido Main Line, are vehicles that improve the customer service facilities of the conventional 211 series and reduce costs, and toilet facilities were initially omitted because they are operated in frequent sections. In addition to operating during the day with 3 or 4 car formations, they are characterized by their flexible use during rush hours, when they are operated in long formations coupled with 313 series and other trains.

●- The 313 series 2600 is a group of three-car long-seat trains equipped with dynamic braking in consideration of operation on local lines. They are active on the Tokaido Main Line, Gotemba Line, and Minobu Line, and are also coupled with the 211 series and 313 series.

◆ Equipped with a newly developed slotless motor as standard
By adopting a newly developed slotless motor, it demonstrates smoother and quieter running performance than existing motors.