(97952) JR 485 Series -1000 (Komakusa)

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ItemNumber 97952
JR 485 Series -1000 (Komakusa)
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-The 485 series 1000 series is a vehicle with stronger cold and snow resistance than the conventional 485 series, and appeared in 1976 and was mainly active in the Tohoku region.
The Kumoha 485 Series 1000 is a modified version of the Moha 485 Series 1000, which is an intermediate electric car, and was introduced in 1986 with the aim of shortening the Limited Express "Tazawa".
From 1997, the 485 series in the Akita area was changed to ivory with blue and pink belts, and was active on the limited express "Kamoka" and "Komakusa".
The limited express "Komakusa" is a train that connects Yamagata, Shinjo and Akita.
Due to construction work accompanying the extension of the Yamagata Shinkansen Shinjo, it was downgraded to a rapid train between Shinjo-Akita and Hachirogata in March 1999, and the operation as a limited express train by the 485 series ended.