※Re-release (10-1491+10-1492) 221 Series Renewed (Yamatoji Rapid)

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ItemNumber 10-1491+10-1492
221 Series Renewed (Yamatoji Rapid)
Basic 4Cars+4Cars Add-On
8Cars Set

The 221 series was a direct current suburban train for Tokaido Main Line "New Rapid", which appeared in 1989, is a vehicle that was newly designed and manufactured at JR West Japan for the first time. Currently in addition to the rapid operation of the Tokaido and Sanyo main lines, it is active in a wide range of areas including the Kansai Main Line (Yamato Line) line - the Osaka Cyclic Line, the Nara Line, the Sanin Main Line (Sagano Line), the Kusatsu Line and the Konishi Line.Construction improvement work (renewal) was done from Heisei 20 (2013), it became appearance that equipped the falling prevention hollow on the forehead, the headlight also became HID light + fog light.