(14-804-1) Hiroshima Railway 1000 Type (Green Mover LEX)

Normal Price : ¥ 11,700 JPY

¥ 8,775 JPY

Item Code: KATO 14-804-1

Weigh : 100 g

ItemNumber 14-804-1
Hiroshima Railway 1000 Type (Green Mover LEX)

The Hiroshima Electric Railway 1000 series is an ultra-low-floor tram with three bodies and two bogies that appeared in 2013 for the purpose of operating on city lines, and currently 16 trains are active.
The standard-painted with dark green and yellow-green colors is the standard product, and it is the first two trains to be manufactured. Car 1001 "PICCOLO" and Car 1002 "PICCOLA" will be released as a special project of a 2-car set.