(10-1529) SNCF TGV Reseau Duplex

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Item Code: KATO 10-1529

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ItemNumber 10-1529
SNCF TGV Reseau Duplex
10Cars Set

Commercialized the TGV Réseau Duplex, which operates as a high-speed train connecting major cities on the French National Railways (SNCF)
is a combination of a locomotive for Réseau , which was created by diversion of a passenger car, and a newly built Duplex train, and 19 trains have been introduced since 2007. Currently, he is active in a maximum of 20 trains along with the Réseau train from Paris Lyon Station on the South East/Mediterranean line to Marseille.
The prototype is a 606 train set of dual power supply cars for international trains, and you can enjoy it not only with the same TGV series but also with other high-speed trains active in Europe. You can also reproduce a 20-car train that combines two trains.