(HO-1-567) Ohanefu25 (24 Series Hokutosei)

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ItemNuber HO-1-567
Ohanefu25 (24 Series Hokutosei)

In line with the opening of the Seikan Tunnel that connects Honshu and Hokkaido in 1988, it appeared as a sleeper limited express connecting Ueno and Sapporo. The hotel-like service was well received and had three round trips in its peak. With the birth of the Cassiopeia, etc., the number of flights was reduced to one round trip in 2006 (2006), and at the end of regular operation, cars 1 to 6 such as the lobby and private room B sleeper are JR Hokkaido vehicles, dining cars ( (Granshario) and the private room A sleeper, the 7th-11th car and power supply car consisted of JR East vehicles.