(10-1509) IR Ishikawa Railway 521 Series (Indigo Color)

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ItemNumber 10-1509
IR Ishikawa Railway 521 Series (Indigo Color)
2Cars Set

IR Ishikawa Railway is a railway company that was born as the Hokuriku Main Line became the third sector due to the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen. Series 521, which was transferred from JR West, is active.
Three series of 521 series secondary cars to be commercialized this time were transferred from JR West in 2015. With the theme of “Kaga Gosai” that colors Ishikawa's traditional crafts, different accent colors are applied to the stripes and fall prevention horo for each organization.
You can enjoy a refreshing coloring body and accent colors that differ depending on the organization with N gauge. As with the actual car, a 4-car train that combines two trains can also be reproduced.
Since it runs from Kanazawa Station to Toyama Station of “Aino Kaze Toyama Railway”, you can enjoy it together with “Aino Kaze Toyama Railway 521 Series”. You can also enjoy JR West's 521 series connected at Kanazawa Station and the simultaneous reproduction 681 series "Shirasagi".