(30717) E653-1000 Series (Inaho/Ruri Color)

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ItemNumber 30717
E653-1000 Series (Inaho/Ruri Color)
7Cars Set

The E653 Series 1000 was converted to the Niigata area in 2012 by remodeling the E653 Series, which was previously used as a `` Fresh Hitachi '' on the Joban Line, to a cold and snow-resistant specification, and the limited express on the Hakushin Line and the Uetsu Main Line It is a vehicle operated as "Inaho". The U106 formation that entered after completing regular inspections was newly changed to a dark blue color. The color that expresses the translucency of the Sea of Japan, the fantastic deep blue, and the greenery of the mountains, which is a major attraction along the railway, has appeared.