(HO-9036+HO-9037) JR 683 Series Thunderbird (old paint)

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¥ 117,900 JPY

Item Code: TOMIX HO-9036+HO-9037

Package volume : 3600


ItemNumber HO-9036+HO-9037
JR 683 Series Thunderbird (old paint)
Basic 6Cars+Included 3Cars
9Cars Set

To replace the 485 series used in Thunderbirds, the 683 series has started to play an active part in 2001 as a series of expansion of the 681 series acting as Thunderbird.There are 6 basic organization including green cars and 3 accessory formation for addition, and it is organized and organized according to 6, 9, 12 car formation and flexible adaptation with other Thunderbird vehicles.