(10-1433) Koki107 (Without Containar)

Normal Price : ¥ 1,800 JPY

¥ 1,350 JPY

Item Code: KATO 10-1433

Weigh : 60 g


ItemNumber 10-1433
Koki107 (Without Containar)
2Cars Set

Koki 107 is completed as a general-purpose container car with improved Koki 106, changing to a unit brake system similar to JOKO 200, and featured that the hand brake is in the deck hand picker. The underframe is dressed in the same gray paint color as Koki 106.It is mainly used for high-speed freight of the trunk line, and when the weight of the train is 1,300 t (26-car train), it is operated at the maximum speed of 110 km / h / h when the speed is 100 km / h or less and 1,200 t (24 car train) It is. It is widely active in the Tokaido / Sanyo Main Line, Tohoku Main Line ~ Hokkaido, Japan Sea Longitudinal Line, loading of marine containers and tank containers is possible, so you can see that you are running on containers filled with variety.