(10-1299+10-1300) 155 SERIES"HINODE・KIBO"

Normal Price : ¥ 34,800 JPY

¥ 27,840 JPY

Item Code: 10-1299+10-1300

Weigh : 1160 g


ItemNumber 10-1299+10-1300
Basic 8Cars+4Cars Add-On
12Cars Set

The 155 series school trip train appeared in 1959 as a private vehicle for school trips of junior high school students who became junior high school students after the war based on the latest 153 series train at that time.Since all the vehicles were made to have a low roof structure so as not to be restricted by the incoming section to be used, it became a unique square car body structure.The school trip trip adopts a box seat of 6 persons on one side + 4 persons on one side, giving priority to securing the space inside the vehicle, such as narrowing the door width to avoid getting on the way in the middle so that the passage will not be handled on the way, the passage will be arranged off the center line of the car body , Plus a large removable table on all the box seats, and very unique ideas unique to other examples were seen everywhere.In addition, adopting bright colors of vermillion and yellow as the school trip trip color, it is also called "Hinode type train" from the train name used.