(98806+98807) JR 583 series (Aomori Depot)

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Item Code: TOMIX 98806+98807

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ItemNumber 98806+98807
JR 583 series (Aomori Depot)
Basic 6Cars + 3Cars Add-On
9Cars Set

The 583 series, allocated to Aomori Depot at the time of privatization, was used for the Hakutsuru, Yuuzuru, and Hatsukari services as well as the express Tsugaru and special Akebono services.
After regular service ended in 1994, they were used for non-recurring transport, but when the Hatsukari express service ended in 2002 due to the extension of the Tohoku Shinkansen to Hachinohe, they were transferred to Minamiakita Depot and Sendai Electric Railway Division, and this series is no longer in service.