(3059-1) JRF EF510-0 ※Equipped with a new slotless motor

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Item Code: KATO 3059-1

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ItemNumber 3059-1
JRF EF510-0
※Equipped with a new slotless motor

Freight electric locomotive on the Japan Sea Longitudinal Line
EF510 was born in 2002 as a new generation locomotive with low power consumption and high power output.
The 0 series is characterized by its red body with the "RED THUNDER" logo on the side.
EF510 500 JR Freight (blue) is a former passenger locomotive that pulled the sleeper express trains "Hokutosei" and "Cassiopea". After transferring to JR Freight, the meteor decoration was removed, and together with the 0 series, it is mainly active on the Japan Sea Longitudinal Line, pulling long freight trains.
The power unit uses a slotless motor, allowing you to enjoy smoother and quieter running performance. In addition, the signal flares of the EF510 500 JR Freight color have been changed to blue.

◆ Equipped with a newly developed slotless motor as standard
By adopting a newly developed slotless motor, it demonstrates smoother and quieter running performance than existing motors.