(HO-1-324) JNR EF58 (with icicle cut/blue No. 15)

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ItemNumber HO-1-324
JNR EF58 (with icicle cut/blue No. 15)

The EF58 was introduced in 1946 as a locomotive to meet the demand for passenger transport after the end of the war. Initially it had a box-shaped body, but later it was replaced with a streamlined body and other improvements were made, and 172 cars were manufactured by 1958. During the heyday of the Japanese National Railways, it was responsible for passenger transport on major trunk lines such as the Tokaido, Sanyo, Takasaki, Joetsu, and Tohoku Main Lines, pulling old passenger cars, 20-series Blue Trains, 12-series, and 14-series trains, as well as freight trains. Maintenance was carried out at maintenance bases for each active line, and in areas with heavy snowfall, icicle cutters and snowplows were installed on the front, and electric heating indicator lights were installed on the sides of the car body.