(10-1675) LNER Class800/1 AZUMA (British Railway) 9 Cars

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ItemNumber 10-1675
LNER Class800/1 AZUMA (British Railway)
9 Cars Set

The Class 800, which was introduced as a replacement for the old HST (diesel high-speed train) under the Intercity Express Programme (IEP) being promoted in the UK, is based on the concept of the company's "A-train" series. In electrified sections, electricity is collected from the pantograph as usual, and in non-electrified sections, electricity is supplied to the motor from the engine and generator unit, so it can run directly between electrified and non-electrified sections.
Manufactured at the Kasado Works in Yamaguchi Prefecture and Hitachi Rail's UK factory, it is currently in service on the LNER (London North Eastern Railway), the UK's main line, nicknamed "AZUMA".

The Class 800/1 is a 9-car train with features not found in conventional 5-car trains, such as an inner frame bogie, a simple roof, and an intermediate car with all first-class passenger compartments.
The Class 800/2 is a 5-car train equipped with a front coupling mechanism. It is also possible to recreate the 10-car train of 5+5 cars seen in the actual train.

It features a front design reminiscent of kabuki kumadori. Enjoy the dynamic running of high-speed trains with the sound card .
This product is produced in the British standard 1/148 scale.