(98617) Tobu 100 Series Spacia Nikko New Emblem

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ItemNumber 98617
Tobu 100 Series Spacia Nikko New Emblem
6Cars Set

Tobu series 100 Tobu limited express spacia appeared in 1990, nicknamed the limited express trains on the Asakusa and Shinjuku-with Nikko and Kinugawa. By 2015 appeared "sunlight pilgrimage spacia" to celebrate the Festival in sunlight Tosho-gu shrine 400, sengû, decorated gold-based paint from the majestic image of temple and shrine buildings. Decorated in the formation of direct-drive after the formation there now. The emblem of a sleeping cat and the three wise monkeys from 3/2016 changed on the new emblem of the Red base, continues to become more active. Direct operation and interaction with the JR East Japan 10th anniversary celebrated at 3/18/2016.