(98843) JR 201 series (JR West 30N updated car orange)

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ItemNumber 98843
JR 201 series (JR West 30N updated car orange)
8 Cars Set

The 201 series is a commuter train of Japanese National Railways that appeared in 1979.
It was the first JNR train to adopt armature chopper control, and was introduced as an energy-saving, maintenance-free vehicle.
JR West's 201 series underwent a renewal project called "Constitutional Improvement 30N" from 2003 to 2008 with the aim of extending the life of the vehicles, which significantly changed both the exterior and interior.
From around 2009, the air conditioners were replaced with WAU709 type, but the number of these trains gradually decreased with the introduction of their successor, the 323 series, and the last train was retired from the Osaka Loop Line and Sakurajima Line in June 2019.