(10-1929) JR 313 series - 3100 ※Equipped with a new slotless motor

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Item Code: KATO 10-1929

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ItemNumber 10-1929
JR 313 series - 3100
2Cars Set

●The 313-3100 series is an additional 3000 series car that is in operation in the Shizuoka area, and is a group of semi-cross-seat cars equipped with dynamic braking in consideration of operation on local lines. Its features that differ from the 3000 series include LED and HID headlights and full-color LED destination displays.
In addition to operating between Atami and Toyohashi on the Tokaido Main Line, it is also in operation on the Gotemba Line and Minobu Line, and in addition to operating alone, it is also operated in conjunction with other 313 series and 211 series cars.

◆ Equipped with a newly developed slotless motor as standard
By adopting a newly developed slotless motor, it demonstrates smoother and quieter running performance than existing motors.