(7182) JRF EF510-500 (JR cargo specification/Blue Color)

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ItemNumber 7182
JRF EF510-500 (JR cargo specification/Blue Color)

The EF510 type 500 is an AC/DC electric locomotive that was introduced in 2009 to replace the EF81 type at the JR East Tabata driving station, which was used to tow sleeper expresses ``Hokutosei'' and ``Cassiopeia'' as well as freight trains.
A total of 15 cars were released: 13 cars in the Hokutosei color with a blue body and golden bands and shooting stars on the sides, and 2 cars in the Cassiopeia color with a silver body and five colored shooting stars on the sides. ” Due to the discontinuation of regular operation of “Cassiopeia”, all vehicles were transferred to JR Freight by 2016.
Although the transferred EF510 type 500 no longer has the decoration on the side of the car, it continues to wear the original blue and silver paint and is active along with the red 0th generation.
In addition to being mainly used on the Japan Sea Jukan Line, where the EF81 type was previously used, in recent years, the range of activity has expanded to include the Chuo West Line and the Tokaido/Sanyo Main Line up to Okayama.