(HO-9105+9106) Odakyu Romance Car 50000 type VSE 10Cars set

Normal Price : ¥ 124,800 JPY

¥ 112,320 JPY

Item Code: TOMIX HO-9105+9106

Package volume : 4000


ItemNumber HO-9105+HO-9106
Odakyu Romance Car 50000 type VSE
Basic 5 Cars + 5 Cars Add-on
10 Cars Set

Odakyu Romance Car 50000 type VSE is a vehicle that appeared in 2005.
The same type had a silky white body with an orange band called Vermilion Stream, and was used as a limited express for sightseeing in Hakone, equipped with a front observation seat and an articulated body.
From January 2022, all two trains were decorated to commemorate their retirement, but as of March 11, 2022, regular service has ended, although it will be missed.
Since then, it has continued to be active in group trains, etc., but the second formation will be retired in September 2023, and the remaining first formation is scheduled to be retired in December 2023.