(10-1369) HB-E300 Series Resort Asunaro

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Item Code: KATO 10-1369

Package volume : 300

ItemNumber 10-1369
HB-E300 Series Resort Asunaro
2Cars Set

HB-E300 series resort showing at the Tohoku Shinkansen Shin-Aomori station opening to fit a 0/2010 (2010) in December, started operation on the tourist train, 2 car 2 at ōminato line "resort asunaro shimokita" (Hachinohe and Shin-Aomori-Ominato), Tsugaru line " Resort asunaro TAPPI "(hirosaki-3 coaches) in train activity and according to the season, including he, has railway to OGA line and the Yamada line. It is characterized by ornate painted in HB-E300 series are familiar with large Windows and a silver body in yellow, Orange, green, great-looking vehicle.