※Re-release (A6541) JR Kiha48 View Coaster Kazekko (Summer appearance)

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ItemNumber A6541
JR Kiha48 View Coaster Kazekko (Summer appearance)
2Cars Set

``View Coaster Kazekko'' is a ``diesel car version of a trolley train'' created with the concept of ``a journey with the wind.'' It was modified at Niigata Iron Works in 2000 using Kiha 48-547 and 1541 as a model car. There is a large opening on the side of the vehicle, and a handrail with glass and decoration is installed at the bottom. In addition, when operating in winter, the opening is equipped with an acrylic inset window. It is located in the Ogoda Transportation District and is mainly active in event trains. In the summer of 2019, it was loaned to JR Hokkaido for the purpose of promoting tourism, and the ``Kazekko Soya'' train became a hot topic when it was operated on the Soya Main Line.