(A7091) JR 485 Series -5000/5500 (Irodori)

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ItemNumber A7091
JR 485 Series -5000/5500 (Irodori)
6Cars Set

JR East Nagano Branch will be introducing a new Joyful Train, which is a modified version of the 485 series train. Of the 6-car train, cars 1 and 6 have seats arranged in 2+1 rows, car 4 has free space, and cars 2, 3, and 5 have semi-compartment interiors. Each car has a different theme color and motif, with car No. 1 being Fuji-colored (gentian), car No. 2 being yellow (serow), car No. 3 being toki-iro (apple), and car No. 4 being byakugun (nature of Shinshu). Car No. 5 is classified as Fuji-iro (a specialty of Nagano Prefecture), and car No. 6 is classified as Toki-iro (carnation). Externally, the frontal shape has been refined based on the model car, a 40-inch wide LCD display has been installed in place of the conventional subtitle display, and the lighting has been moved to the top, giving it a unique look. . One of the pantographs on the roof of Moro 484 was removed, and the remaining one was replaced with a single-arm type that is compatible with low-section tunnels. In July 2015, the use of the AC/DC switching function was discontinued (fixed to DC), and the car number was changed by +4000. It was mainly used on group and special trains from Shinshu to the Tokyo metropolitan area, but was sadly retired in 2017.