(HO-613) Takamatsu Kotohira Electric Railway Type 3000 (Retro Color)

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Item Code: TOMIX HO-613

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ItemNumber HO-613
Takamatsu Kotohira Electric Railway Type 3000 (Retro Color)
Single Car

Takamatsu Kotohira Electric Railway is a railway company that operates three routes: Takamatsu Chikko - Kotoden Kotohira / Kawaramachi - Nagao / Kawaramachi - Kotoden Shido.
The Kotoden 3000 series is an original vehicle manufactured in 1926, and 5 cars were manufactured, and since its introduction, it has been updated and remodeled several times.
Around 2003, the 3000 series was retro-painted in brown and cream.
Car No. 300 reproduced the image at the time of appearance according to the paint change, and the door pocket window was changed to an oval shape.
In 2010, only car No. 300 was painted brown when it appeared, and it was operated by special trains, etc., but the operation on the main line will end.