(A8506) JR DD18-3 with Russell head

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ItemNumber A8506
JR DD18-3 with Russell head
3Cars Set

JR East introduced the DD18, which was revised to 1435 mm, by combining the DD51 diesel locomotive, which was surplus at the time for snow removal on the new direct section, and the DE15 double-track Russell head. Initially, two units were remodeled for the Yamagata Shinkansen in 1991, and a third unit was newly remodeled in 1996 when the Akita Shinkansen opened, supporting stable operation in winter. 3 was retired in 2007 due to the introduction of the successor snow removal machine.
Various trials and errors were carried out in the early days of the DD51, a masterpiece diesel locomotive for the main line produced by JNR, and it was accompanied by an interesting form change as a hobby. The group from No. 5 to No. 19, which was manufactured as a tertiary type, is based on the secondary type from No. 2 to No. 4. Improvements such as variable axle load support and increased fuel tank capacity by making the intermediate bogie an air spring. group that took place. -Unit 18 was newly placed in Morioka engine depot in 1964, and from 1966, it was active in the Kinki area such as Joto Line and Fukuchiyama Line with Suita No. 1 engine depot as the base, but retired in 1985.