(10-1750) Privately owned Taki 1000 (late type) with 1000 commemorative paint 10Cars

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ItemNumber 10-1750
Privately owned Taki 1000 (late type) with 1000 commemorative paint
10Cars Set

Taki 1000 appeared in 1993 as a high-speed tank truck capable of operating at a maximum speed of 95km/h. A tank body with a load of 45 tons based on the Taki 43000 series 243000 series and a truck equipped with the FT21 type of the Koki 100 series.

The Taki 1000, which is painted in the green and gray colors of Nippon Oil Transport and has the ENEOS mark and eco-rail mark attached, is used for railway oil transport from the oil refinery in Negishi, Kanagawa Prefecture, to inland areas such as Nagano Prefecture. increase.
Traction locomotives such as EH200, EF65 2000, EF210, EH500 and DE10 are ideal.

When the number of production reached 1,008 in 2021, as a commemoration of the 1000th Taki 1000, I imagined the coloring of the owner company Japan Oil Transportation, Japan Oil Terminal, and JR Freight that operates it. A special specification vehicle painted in 3 light blue colors has appeared.
Traction locomotives such as EH200, EF64 1000, DF200 200, EF65 2000, EF210 and DE10 are suitable.

A special train for the purpose of transporting fuel to the Yokota Air Base of the US Forces in Japan, commonly known as "Kometan", is organized by a series of Taki 1000 for transporting jet fuel. This train originally ran via the Nambu Line, but since March 2014, the section between Shitte and Fuchu Honmachi has been changed to the Musashino Freight Line for high-speed freight. It is characterized by a sticker written "JP-8" on the side.
EF65 2000, DE10, EF210, EH200 etc. are suitable for traction locomotives.