※Re-release (7011-3) DE10 JR Freight New Color

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ItemNumber 7011-3
DE10 JR Freight New Color

The DE10 is an all-purpose diesel locomotive that has the opposite roles of operation in branch areas and double replacement in yards. Between 1966 and 1978, 708 cars were manufactured, and the semi-center cab features a 3-axis independent + 2-axis 5-axis drive. While being replaced with new models, they are being used nationwide after renewal work.
Renewal work has been carried out since 2001 (2001), mainly on young vehicles, of the vehicles succeeded by JR Freight during the privatization of the JNR division. The color of the renewal machine differs depending on the time and the construction site, but we will commercialize the color pattern of the Omiya factory, which is the majority of renewal machines.