(7164) JR EF510-0 (Expansion Type)

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ItemNumber 7164
JR EF510-0 (Expansion Type)

-The EF510 type 0th generation is an AC/DC electric locomotive that appeared in 2002 for the purpose of replacing the EF81 type and started operation in 2004.
It is nicknamed "ECO-POWER Red Thunder" because of its red-based body paint, and the logo is placed on the body.
In addition to being mainly active on the Japan Sea Longitudinal Line, where the EF81 type was conventionally used, in recent years it has expanded its range of activities such as the Chuo West Line and the Tokaido / Sanyo Main Line to Okayama.
After the appearance of the 500s for passengers, the appearance of the 21st and subsequent units changed, such as changing the position of the signal flame tube directly above the driver's cab side, which is the same as the 500s.