(176-6053) ALC-42 Charger Amtrak Phase Ⅵ (#304)

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ItemNumber 176-6053
ALC-42 Charger Amtrak Phase Ⅵ (#304)

Amtrak's long-distance train representing modern American railways, the double-decker "Superliner" is now available. Amtrak (Amtrak) is a common name of "National Railroad Travel Corporation" and is a public corporation that operates railroad passenger transportation established in 1971 by integrating the passenger department of the American railroad company, which mainly transports freight. The passenger car "Super Liner" is a two-story stainless steel body and is a vehicle representing American passenger transportation used for long-distance trains operated by Amtrak.

The ALC-42 is Amtrak's state-of-the-art diesel locomotive for long-distance passengers made by Siemens, which has been in operation since the summer of 2021. Both will be added. It combines an engine that complies with exhaust gas regulations with energy-saving performance and high-speed performance that incorporates the know-how of European railways.

You can enjoy the dynamic formation of a long-distance train defined as 750 miles (approximately 1,200 km) in N gauge, which is incomparable to Japan. If you have a single locomotive and a set of two passenger cars, you can use "California Zephyr" (Chicago - Emeryville, 2,438 miles = 3,924km), "Empire Builder" (Chicago - Seattle / Portland, 2,205 miles = 3,548 km / 2,255 miles = 3,628 km) and the longest distance "Texas Eagle" (between Chicago and Los Angeles, 2,728 miles = 4,485 km) can be reproduced.