(23-581) JRF 20D container (new paint)

Normal Price : ¥ 1,100 JPY

¥ 880 JPY

Item Code: KATO 23-581

Package volume : 150

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ItemNumber 23-581
JRF 20D container (new paint)
5 pieces

Introduced in 2006, the 20D container is a 5-ton, 12-foot tall container (height: 2,600 mm) with doors that open on both sides. With the discontinuation of the Koki 50000, there are no operational restrictions, so tall containers can be seen all over the country. There are variations in the coating and shape depending on the manufacturing date and manufacturing site. After 2018, the new paint began to be mass-produced, and as of January 2022, more than 9,000 pieces are in use, including the old paint. In addition, there is a white band on the top of the container to identify the tall container.