(14-804-6) Hiroshima Electric 1002 (Flower Train)

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Item Code: KATO 14-804-6

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ItemNumber 14-804-6
Hiroshima Electric 1002 (Flower Train)

-Hiroshima Electric Railway Type 1000 is an ultra-low floor vehicle with 3 cars and 2 bogies that appeared in 2013 for the purpose of operating on city lines.
Since April 2019, car No. 1001 has been wrapped in the same paint color as the Hiroden Bus of the Hiroshima Electric Railway Group. Although it is dressed in chic green paint and stripes, it features a unique pattern in which only the front and sides are wrapped, and the rest is painted normally. Car No. 1002 was changed to a full wrapping of "Flower Train" in April 2016 after the "Hiroshima Flower Festival" held in Hiroshima city in May every year, and is still active today.

From the Hiroshima Electric Railway 1000 series, we will commercialize the 1001 with the appearance of the familiar "Blue Bus" in Hiroshima City and the 1002 with a gorgeous design. <14-804-1 Hiroshima Electric Railway Type 1000 along with a variety of colored streetcars, you can enjoy the lively scenery of Hiroshima city.