(23-590A) COOP Refrigerated Container - 2 pieces

Normal Price : ¥ 1,100 JPY

¥ 880 JPY

Item Code: KATO 23-590A

Package volume : 150


ItemNumber 23-590A
COOP Refrigerated Container - 2 pieces

These are new series container cars which match currently operated lotomotives such as DC Electric Locomotives EF200、EF210、EH200 and AC/DC Electric Electric locomotives EF510、EH500 s well as JNR models EF65、EF81.
KOKI 107 is a general-use container car improved from KOKI 106. It has modified braking apparatus into a braking system unit and is characterized with a hand brake installed in deck handrail. The base frame is painted gray like KOKI 106.
KOKI 107 is mainly used for high speed rail cargo. With the train weighing 1,300 kgs (26 car train), it operates at the maximum speed of 100 kms per hour. With the train weighing 1,200 kgs (24 car train) or less, it operates at the maximum speed of 110 kms per hour. It is deployed widely across Japan, to Tokaido/Sanyo Mainlines as well as to Tohoku Mainline. to Hokkaido Line and to the Lines on Japan Sea.