(10-953) Ryutetsu 5000 Type (Ryusei & Nanohana)

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ItemNumber 10-953
Ryutetsu 5000 Type (Ryusei & Nanohana)
4Cars Set

The Ryutetsu (former Sobu Nagareyama Electric Railway) Nagareyama Line is a 5.7km route that connects Mabashi Station and Nagareyama Station in Chiba Prefecture.

Established by local volunteers for the sake of the local community, it has been popular as a means of transportation for the region for over 100 years from the Taisho period to the present day.

The 5000 series, which is currently in service, is a colorful 2-car train with a different nickname and color for each train, after remodeling the new 101 series that was handed over from Seibu Railway and starting in 2010.