(10-1511) JR Kiha 122 Series (Kishin Line)

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ItemNumber 10-1511
JR Kiha 122 Series (Kishin Line)
2Cars Set

The Kishin Line is a non-electrified line with a total length of 158km from Himeji to Kozuki, Tsuyama in Okayama Prefecture, and Niimi. The Kiha 122 series is a new series of diesel railcars that started operation in March 2009 due to the Kishin Line transportation improvement work, and the flow of the 223 series was drawn to the body of both cabs made of all stainless steel. In combination with the forehead made of ordinary steel with a design, the section from Himeji to March is operated in a single line or a two-car train (normal time).