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Single Car

During the Showa era, when rail transportation played a leading role in logistics, railroad luggage transportation was carried out by luggage cars connected to passenger trains, but dedicated luggage trains were operated as the transportation volume increased. As a result, express luggage trains were also operated on main lines such as the Tokaido / Sanyo Main Line and Tohoku Main Line.
A considerable number of luggage passenger cars modified from old passenger cars were arranged, and a variety of luggage trains composed of steel postal cars, pallet luggage passenger cars and postal passenger cars were seen.
In 1968, pallet transportation began with a new pallet car that appeared as a trump card for the modernization of cargo transportation.
At first glance, it looks like a freight car, but it has been incorporated into luggage trains and express trains and has been active nationwide.

SUNI 40 (1968~1969)was specialized in transport of palletized freight and could load 24 pallets in the aluminimum pressed structure body.