(10-1614) JR E257 Series 2000 Type Odoriko (5Cars)

Normal Price : ¥ 18,000 JPY

¥ 13,500 JPY

Item Code: KATO 10-1614

Weigh : 720 g


ItemNumber 10-1614
JR E257 Series 2000 Type Odoriko
5Cars Set

The E257 series 2000 series and 2500 series replaced the aging 185 series, and the 2000 series started operation in March 2020 and the 2500 series started operation as "Odoriko" in March 2021. The 2000 series is based on the 0 series that was previously active as "Azusa" and "Kaiji", and the 2500 series is based on the 500 series that was active in "Wakashio" and "Sazanami". The image has been renewed by changing the lighting to LED and changing to azure color design in white to match the E261 series. The 2000s connect Tokyo and Izu, the 2500s connect Tokyo and Shuzenji, and the 2000s and 2500s are operated together between Tokyo and Atami.