(5279-1) Rhaetian Bahn Power Luggage Car DS4223

Normal Price : ¥ 2,500 JPY

¥ 1,875 JPY

Item Code: KATO 5279-1

Weigh : 50 g


ItemNumber 5279-1
Rhaetian Bahn Power Luggage Car DS4223
Single Car

We will commercialize a small and unique vehicle, the power supply luggage vehicle DS4223.
KATO's RhB series started with the Glacial Express, and the lineup of passenger cars has expanded and expanded to include the Bernina Express and EW-I, but as an even more indispensable vehicle, there is the EW-I series power luggage car. RhB, which has a world-class tourist destination, is often used by passengers with large luggage such as cycling in the summer and skiing in the winter, so luggage cars are connected on most routes. The model of the product is a vehicle made in 1980, and it is a group that underwent additional remodeling of the pantograph around 2009. For long trains such as 12 cars, the pantograph collects electricity and supplies auxiliary power for air conditioning.