(10-1674) LNER Class800/2 AZUMA (British Railway)

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ItemNumber 10-1674
LNER Class800/2 AZUMA (British Railway)
5Cars Set

British high-speed train, Class 800 commercialized
The actual vehicle is a state-of-the-art intercity transportation bimode (hybrid) vehicle designed to replace the HST (diesel high-speed train) by the IEP (Intercity Express Program) being promoted in the United Kingdom. The electrified section collects electricity from the pantograph as before, and the non-electrified section supplies power from the engine and generator unit to the motor to run, so it is characterized by direct operation in the electrified and non-electrified sections.
Class 800 was manufactured at Hitachi's Kasado Plant and was developed by applying the technology cultivated in Japan to the British railway system under the concept of the company's A-Train series.
Commercialized a 5-car train that is active on the British main lines GWR (Great Western Railway) and LNER (London North Eastern Railway). Since it is equipped with a front connection mechanism, it is possible to reproduce the 10-car train of 5 + 5 cars seen in the actual car.
This product will be commercialized on the 1/148 scale of the British standard.