※Re-release (3081) EF70-1000

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Item Code: KATO 3081

Weigh : 160 g


ItemNumber 3081

EF 70 is the first F type locomotive produced as an alternating electric locomotive manufactured from 1961 in the electrification between Hokuriku - Main Line, Tsuruga - Fukui, and a total of 81 are manufactured and the transport capacity of the Sea of Japan Sea Line is enhanced , And contributed to the speed up, was the main player of the Showa Hokuriku main line which was responsible for transporting the same line from the Blue Train to the local passenger train, cargo train.The EF 70 1000 series was remodeled from the 0th second car as a towing correspondence of the 20 series sleeping limited express "Nihonkai" which was newly established in the diamond revision in 1968 (1968) It is a group of high speed type towing a 20 type sleeping limited express passenger which carried out braking reinforcement correspondence.It is an optimum towing machine for towing of 20 series sleeping limited express "Japan Sea". You can enjoy driving scenes and towing machine exchanges on the Hokuriku main line.