(7142) JNR EF66-0 Early model

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¥ 5,760 JPY

Item Code: TOMIX 7142

Weigh : 200 g


ItemNumber 7142
JNR EF66-0 Early model

Mass production of the EF66 was started in 1968 as a locomotive capable of towing a 1000t class high-speed freight train with a maximum speed of 100km / h by a single machine, and 55 0th generation cars were manufactured.
The early model corresponds to Nos. 1 to 15, and is characterized by the shape of the side inspection port and shoulder filter.
At the time of its appearance, it appeared without a front eaves, and later some vehicles were installed and remodeled.
Since 1985, he has been selected as a towing machine for the Blue Train and has been active.
Unit 11 is preserved and exhibited at the Railway Museum.