(10-1248) 381 Series "Panorama Shinano"

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ItemNumber 10-1248
381 Series "Panorama Shinano"
6Cars Set

381 series which started business as the world's first pendulum type limited express train by limited express "Shinano" by the revision of the diamond diamond of the central main line · Shinonoi line in July 1973 (1973). In 1988, just after JR was established in the privatization of the National Railways, Panorama Green Cross 381 10 Series appeared as the first model car of the Salo 381 with the reorganization of Salo 381 under the trend of short formation. did.The panorama green car is a bold design top shape, with an entrance to the middle part and a front view room become high deckers and the view is taken into consideration, and it gained popularity.Even after the successor's 383 system appearance, he was active as a temporary train until Heisei 20 (2008)