(98702+98703) JR 200 Series Shinkansen (Fformation) Set B

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¥ 27,860 JPY

Item Code: TOMIX 98702+98703

Weigh : 1600 g


ItemNumber 98702+98703
JR 200 Series Shinkansen (Fformation) Set B
Basic 6Cars+6Cars Add-On
12Cars Set

The 200 series is a Shinkansen vehicle that appeared in line with the opening of the Tohoku Shinkansen in 1982. In order to support the natural environment of Tohoku, the cold and snow resistant structure has been strengthened.
The 12-car F formation including the buffet car was mainly composed mainly of the 1000s and 1500s for 240 km, but some of the modified cars, the 200s, were incorporated. There was a formation.
The top part installed by the modification has a shape that conforms to the 100 series Shinkansen, and it was the same style except the 2000's of the new car and the obi, but due to the position difference of the louver at the hem etc. I was left with an image.