(10-1519) Cruise Train "Nanatsuboshi in Kyusyu"

Normal Price : ¥ 36,500 JPY

¥ 29,200 JPY

Item Code: KATO 10-1519

Weigh : 1350 g


ItemNumber 10-1519
Cruise Train "Nanatsuboshi in Kyusyu"
8Cars Set (Locomotive 1+Passenger Car 7)

The first full-scale cruise train "Nanatsu in Kyushu" in Japan, which began operations on October 15, 2013 (2013), is a train operated around tourist spots in various parts of Kyushu.77 series 7000 series It is an 8-car train consisting of seven passenger cars and a dedicated towing machine DF 200-7000, and it has a calm and elegant beauty wrapped in glossy luster.In addition to modeling the distinctive appearance, as well as pursuit of expression in the room of the attention that can be seen from the guest room of the suite and the observation window at the end of the car, different indoor colors and stained glass patterns for each vehicle, the piano placed in the lounge also reproduced Then, we will deliver it with high quality built-in.