(10-510~10-512) 500 Series Shinkansen "NOZOMI"

Normal Price : ¥ 32,200 JPY

¥ 24,150 JPY

Item Code: KATO 10-510+10-511+10-512

Weigh : 1650 g

ItemNumber 10-510+10-511+10-512
500 Series Shinkansen "NOZOMI".
Basic 4Cars+4Cars Add-On+8Cars Add-On
16Cars Set

The 500 Series Shinkansen, which appeared as the fastest bullet train, was popular because it adopted an aerodynamically superior, sharp and dynamic form to realize the maximum speed of 300 km / h. From 1997 (1997), a commercial operation started at 300 km / h, and from March to April 2010, he was active in Tokyo-Hakata 4 hours.A number of innovative features such as the head of reminiscent of fighter aircraft were greatly appreciated in every direction and received the Railway Tomonokai "1998 Blue Ribbon Award" and "1998 Brunel Award Encouragement Award".It is partially remodeled now and is active in the 8-car formation with the Sanyo Shinkansen.From the appearance, you can enjoy designs full of speed, not fading after 19 years.