(7014-1) DD13 Late Stage

Normal Price : ¥ 6,500 JPY

¥ 4,875 JPY

Item Code: KATO 7014-1

Weigh : 110 g


ItemNumber 7014-1
DD13 Late Stage

DD13 is the domestic first developed mass production type diesel locomotive for domestic development developed by JNR. From 1958 (1958), 416 were added over 9 years. It is roughly divided into an initial form and a late form, and features are seen in appearance and dolly.Contributing to smokelessing and modernization of the maneuvering halls nationwide, in addition to exchanging yards throughout the country, he was active mainly in towing cargo trains operating in small sections, but some routes (Mizu-gun Line · Shimizu Port Line · Amagasaki Port Line · Wada Cape Line) and others were driving the passenger train.Like actual cars, it is useful not only for interchange operation but also for cargo trains, passenger trains, mixed trains, etc. in small section driving. Besides passing performance with minimum radius R150, it is ideal for small layout and small space operation.