(10-1340) E233-8000 Series (Nanbu Line)

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ItemNumber 10-1340
E233-8000 Series (Nanbu Line)
6Cars Set

The total number of enrollments from E233 Series 0 Series to E233 Series 8000 Series which started commercial operation in 2006 (2006) was 3197, which is the maximum number of units in the same series in the JR Group. The E233 series has become the final series in the 8000 series this time, and the development of the E235 series which is scheduled to be the next mainstay is underway.The E233 series 8000 series appeared in the Nambu line in 2014, a total of 35 organizations were introduced, and replacement of the 205 and 209 lines of the same line is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2015 (Heisei 20).Just wearing a yellow, orange and brown line color, the logo mark imagining "Nanbu line connects city and town, people with people" right after the head office crew club room and along the side line color band section along the line The logo mark which imagined the townscape of Yokohama line is arranged, and it is characterized by the base of the quasi - zenith satellite antenna equipped Wi - XX antenna on the top car roof similar to the 6000 series for Yokohama Line.