(10-1326) 14-500 Seires Sleeper Express "Rishiri"

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Item Code: KATO 10-1326

Weigh : 700 g


ItemNumber 10-1326
14-500 Seires Sleeper Express "Rishiri"
8Cars Set

"Rishiri" is a representative night train to north North, a train that connects Wakkanai, the northernmost tip of Japan from Sapporo via Soutan-dori line. A series of rich variations that the 14 system sleeping car and the seat car are mixed and the luggage car is added is attractive.The 14 series passenger car is manufactured from Showa 46 (1971) and assumes use as a limited express train while continuing "distributed power system" which covers the service power of the passenger car with the diesel generator under the floor based on the 12 series passenger car The passenger car which made in-car facilities as a 14 type passenger vehicle.In order to use in the 500 series in Hokkaido, cold weather resistant remodeling has been carried out, such as the door for the customer being refurbished to the sliding door.