(3082) ED70

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Weigh : 130 g


ItemNumber 3082

The ED70 Hokuriku Tamura-do opened Japan's first AC electrification in Tsuruga, was newly built in 0/1957 (1957). This is also the world's first commercial frequency 60 Hz AC electric locomotives. In played in cargo transport of tourists, is known as the sleeper express "tsurugi" locomotive. Characterized by lively instruments mounted on silver side filter, on the roof a small body with a front similar to the DF50, also say from American Sign turned into a side sash ED70 specific expression. Up to 0/1975 (1975) he continued in the Hokuriku area. Will be released at the same time q sleeper express "tsurugi"] as a train driven by. Name train full of profound feeling in the old type passenger car can be reproduced. In addition to old type passenger car and car series 10 seats by the beginning of train and freight train railway wagons lined with what.