(3066-6) EF81-81 Royal Loco Paint (JR)

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Item Code: 3066-6

Weigh : 170 g


ItemNumber 3066-6
EF81-81 Royal Loco Paint (JR)

Edge drive, rice JR East Japan belongs EF81 81 No. EF81 0/2014 (2014) in August, from the traditional hokutosei color suddenly changed in the appearance of Red 13 (aka pink) of the Imperial painting and now gets the most attention. EF81 81's international technology exposition 0/1985 (1985) (aka: Tsukuba Expo) in, when enacted, silver painted body side of the silver zone and throughout as the Imperial train locomotive. Other two summons train No. 1 train traction, "Orient Express ' 88 ' and 'hokutosei' lead, he worked.