(3041) EF64-0 Early Stage (Normal COLOR)

Normal Price : ¥ 6,000 JPY

¥ 4,800 JPY

Item Code: 3041

Weigh : 150 g


ItemNumber 3041
EF64-0 Early Stage (Normal COLOR)

The Electric Locomotive EF64-0 was built in 1964 as a standard type for mountainous areas. Even today, over 35 years from original production, we can see still them on every highland railroad. The EF64-0 has many variations of its specifications depending on their production era (i.e. with or without electric generator, location of equipment on the roof). The prototype of this model is the Early Version which has electric generator (E.G.). The visible feature of this version is two louvers below the front windshield for the E.G.